Andrew Thomas – Idiot or Clown?

Thomas continues to attack judges

“Waaah. I didn’t like your ruling. You suck. Step down”

– Andrew Thomas, 2010 Candidate for Governor Maricopa County “Attorney,” to the Superior Court.


Let’s put the pieces together, shall we?

The motion, which is tied to two specific Proposition 100 cases, was filed by Thomas’ private attorney, Dennis Wilenchik. It cited remarks Ryan has made to the media, in addition to court rulings and documents that Thomas believes show that Ryan is biased against enforcing Proposition 100, the citizens initiative passed last year that denies bond to illegal immigrants accused of committing serious crimes.

Arizona Republic, 10/03/07

  • The motion was filed on the eve of oral arguments in an immigration case, and supposed to supersede it.

Ramon Perez Ortiz is accused of human smuggling. His attorney, Robert McWhirter of the Maricopa County Office of the Legal Defender, intended to argue the constitutional issues of the state human-smuggling-law statute and was alarmed at the suggestion that the motion might take precedence.

Arizona Republic, 10/03/07

Hmmm. You’d think Sheriff Joe would be chiming in about now, wouldn’t you. We’ll save the discussion on unprofessional conduct (smearing judges (“In the hearing, Wilenchik also called Ryan a danger to public safety.”), acting like a complete asshole (“I am pleased that Judge Granville reversed his decision based on my press conference,” Thomas said.”))


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