Biff with sports…

Go Rockies: Arizona, down 3-0, must come out swinging

NFL baby: Cardinals step on their own dicks – actually the panthers step all over the Cardinals


“Mmmm… man flesh” – Julius Peppers, before a serving of Cardinals hot wings. Matt York/AP

Department of “I was wrong”: Pink Taco Stadium would be a stupid choice of a name for the place, as it turns out. Every inch of the place is surveilled, at least while the Cardinals are stinking up the joint.

Stripper Poll: CU out, UM in. Stupid Kansans.

Won’t have me to kick around much longer” coach of the week: Bill Callahan, Nebraska

The farewell tour continues:

Sat, Sep 08 Wake Forest 20 – 17 (W) (barely)

Sat, Sep 15 USC 31 – 49 (L) (Hammered)

Sat, Sep 22 Ball State 41 – 40 (W) (barely)
Sat, Oct 06 Missouri 6 – 41 (L) (Hammered)
Sat, Oct 13 Oklahoma State – 14 – 45 (L) (Hammered)

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