If gasoline were sold like beer

I could do my commute for about an 18 pack a week. Of course,getting the girls is 2 cases per weekend. So basically, beer budget = gas budget.

If gasoline were sold like beer. . .

Do you really know how much gas you use? Sure, you look at the pump occasionally when you fill up and see that you put 16 gallons in, but do you ever really think about how much that is?

You would if gas were sold like beer, in 12 ounce cans.

In my 1991 BMW 750iL, which gets ~17 mpg, I would only get 1.6 miles per can. That means that for my 37 mile commute to work I would have to open 23 cans of gas and pour them into the tank.

I would need another case just to get back home in the evening.

My motorcycle gets 48 mpg. That’s not so bad, right?

I’d still need more than 16 cans for the round trip. Looks like I need to get a bigger backpack.

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