What, Me Worry?

resistance is futile

Since when does the Department of Fascist Paranoia Homeland Security have a police force?

they're everywhere now, like an infection

Sorry for the blurriness. Shot from a car through a closed window while doing 80 the speed limit. It says Homeland Security on the fenderm and may spell out DHS above “Police.”

Thankfully, DHS Police (WHICH SHOULD NOT EXIST) do not seem concerned with enforcing ridiculous traffic laws, when there are so many express constitutional rights to flout.

This may have been a leftover from a huge DHS circle jerk “readiness exercise” in Chandler.

4 thoughts on “What, Me Worry?

  1. Maybe YOU can go out and protect our country instead you hippy faggot. Nobody wants to hear your “fascist paranoia” bullshit. These people are working a job to get paid; and if the shit hits the fan, they will be there to pull you out of a burning car while you shit and piss your pants. Go smell your flowers and take LSD and let the people who protect our country do their jobs. If you don’t like it GET THE FUCK OUT.

  2. Gosh, the wingnuts are angry today. I had a debate all afternoon about due process with a couple of dooknobs who actually wanted to deny it to people. You know, THOSE people. We can trust our government to know who to deny inalienable rights to, after all.

    Thanks for weighing in from Tampa, Jim, and by thanks, I mean here, have some more Michael Savage kool aid. Mmmm. grape today.

  3. Also, I don’t hate cops. I distrust the government. I distrust a ginormous bureaucracy (DHS). I especially distrust blatantly unconstitutional measures like the misnamed “Patriot Act” that our Congress did not bother to read or question before rubber stamping it.

    Why is that wrong? While your thinking about it, I am going to romp naked in the poppies so my hippie BO in my long hair doesn’t piss off the ROTC captain I am about to go blow (after i do some peyote to make it a religious experience, man).

  4. Well i spent the last 5 years doing that in the army. I agree with this article. This is a perfect example of wasted tax dollars. We have sanctioned a police force for a reason. Doesn’t this just defeat the purpose of border patrol? I bet Jim has never done any service for the government so he would never understand or even slightly comprehend how out of control legislation or congress is.

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