1988 Mercury Sable

oooh, is that a spaceship?
Hit me with those laser beams

Where I saw one: Tempe, at the Bear Training Center
Nostalgia factor: 2.5/10 – no pangs of an empty soul without one.

Baseline: 0, since I never owned one. +1 because 8 Barrel’s folks had a v. 2.0 Sable, -0.5 because that one was a wagon, -1 because it doesn’t have an SHO engine.

+1 because I rented one just like this to visit Madonna, -1 because it did not lead to a sexathon, +1 because we came close, +1 because it was much better than the car I originally rented to see her, -1 because I was late, +1 because I rented a green 2.0 on an excursion to the homeland from Boulder, +1 because the Bear was in process at the time, -1 for the “Laser Light Bar

Resistance is futile

Dear Ford: We’ve all seen Star Trek. There are no lasers here. Duh!)

a little portly in the flanks, this one
it’s like there’s no D-pillar

-1 for you can’t turn off the Fricking “lasers”, so the cops will always know you’re in a Sable and not just some generic sedan, +1 for ground breaking design, +1 for not being  the colossal disaster of groundbreaking that v. 3.0 was,-1 for I can’t do math, +1 for best selling car at the time, so there should be one I can pick up, +Jason Newsted, formerly of Metallica bought one for his mom, -1 for I never met him, -1 for she never let me drive it, +1 for she got me an autograph from a reality show contestant last year, so all is forgiven.

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