Little Brown Jug

Not wanting to relive ‘miserable’ experience, Carr stresses: “Keep the Brown Jug”

October 23, 2007



enjoy it while it lasted, punkass bitchWhen asked what he will stress this week heading into the Minnesota game, coach Lloyd Carr said: “Keep the Brown Jug.”

The last time Minnesota came to Ann Arbor — in 2005 — it beat U-M with a last-second field goal. The entire team sprinted across the Michigan Stadium grass to retrieve the jug.

“Miserable,” is how Carr described the loss, the first time Minnesota had captured the trophy since 1986. Michigan won it back last year and doesn’t intend to give it back.
“Oldest trophy in college football,” Carr said with a grin. “It belongs here. I mean, we bought it.”
U-M holds a 68-24-3 advantage in the series.


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