Where do I send the check?

I totally trust this deal from Craigslist:

2003 Ferrari Red Enzo US car.

Reply to: sale-456951949@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-10-22, 9:41PM PDT
Here’s one of only 1 of [sic.] only 78 US cars for sale in Red [sic.] With [sic.] black seats[. T]he cars [sic.] for sale at a great price[:] $1,190,000.00[.] This Enzo has been fully serviced by Ferrair [sic.] of Bevely [sic.] Hills[. A]ll the recalls are done to [sic.], It [sic.] got to go[,] but the price is frim [sic.] …The photos here where [sic.] take [sic.] when the car was in a car dealership in L[.]A[. N]ow it’s back at the owner’s home[. F]or more info just give me your # and send me a [sic.] email[. T]hanks JJ..[sic.]

No, “JJ,” thank you.


Enzo Ferrair,

Grammar cop

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