I Could’ve Had a V-8

Ford Doctors Diesel Technician Society

Our quizzes have proven to be a popular feature on the DTS web site so we thought we would kick it up a few notches! Many companies and trade schools will administer aptitude tests to determine if a particular job or career is suitable for you. Mechanical aptitude tests do not measure what you know, but rather your ability to learn about and understand mechanical concepts and how things work. The questions in our test are based on some widely known and understood mechanical and scientific concepts taken from real tests and some designed to reflect things found in the Power Stroke World. This test is presented for fun and not to represent any official measure or analysis. This is a fifty question un-timed test. Depending on your connection speed it may take a little time to load. Are you ready?


Me – 410 points, 82%.  Not bad for a complete lack of mechanical aptitude.  The electric circuit questions killed me.

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