Bush Administration: Defending the Constitution Helps the Terrorists

Administration official says ‘every nugget’ of surveillance info helps terrorists

Nick Juliano
Published: Wednesday October 31, 2007
Goosestep with me, bitches!!!

Asst. AG says warrantless wiretap lawsuits harm national security

Defending the Bush administration’s efforts to immunize telecommunications companies from any responsibility for their assistance in the likely illegal surveillance of Americans after 9/11, a top national security official said any discussion of US surveillance efforts aids terrorists.

“Every nugget of information that comes out in the course of these investigations helps our enemies,” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth L. Wainstein, who oversees the Justice Department’s national security division, said Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Wainstein was testifying to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is considering legislation to update a foreign surveillance law.

Mmmm, more fascist Kool aid. Imagine if we had a president who upheld the law. Or better yet, his twice repeated oath to defend the Constitution.

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