Larry Craig Campaigns in Iowa

Mitt Romney must be so proud… Man charged with indecent exposure with inflatable doll in public restroom Associated Press Oct. 26, 2007 11:29 AM CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – A man was arrested after a government agent allegedly found him in an office building restroom lying next to an inflatable, anatomically correct doll with his pants […]

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Worst News Ever

Shortage of beer ingredients may mean higher prices Associated Press Oct. 26, 2007 11:13 AM SUNNYSIDE, Wash. – Fans of Snipes Mountain Brewery’s cloudy Hefeweizen relish the subtle wheat flavor of the bright, summery brew, and like beer drinkers everywhere, they know when their favorite brew tastes a little too hoppy or bitter. Connoisseurs could be […]

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1985 Honda Civic wagon

sounds like a sewing machine, looks like a moon car
Oooo what wacky spaceship windows

Oooo what wacky spaceship windows

Where I saw one: On the intertubes

Nostalgia factor: 3/10 – Ahh, memories – mostly not mine.

Baseline: 0, since I never personally owned one. +1 because mom had one, +1 because that one was a crazy moonwagon, -1 because it didn’t have a radio – stupid Honda made you choose from dealer installed extra cost radios, +1 because I stole borrowed it to visit Madonna, +1 because it led to a sexathon, +1 because we until this year, it was the best sex ever, -1 because it was not actually in this car, +1 because I wasn’t driving it when we went to Jonathan B. pub for drinks, -1 for getting in my way when my bike fell over,-1 for denting like a little bitch, -1 for Cracker inheriting it and beating the shit out of it, +1 because there was this night in 1983 when I went to Jody #2‘s place for late Friday Night Videos and almost sex, and a brand new ’84 was in the driveway next to hers. I was freaked, because they were all like weird looking and shit, compared to Escorts and Colts and shit piles like that, +1 because it could hum along at 80 with no drama, unlike the ’78 Camaro in Car and Driver (which overheated at that speed) or Ribble’s Subaru (which had a seizure and died).

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

The Ford Mustang Bullitt™ is back for 2008, making its first public showing at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on Nov. 13. Blending the best Mustang ever with the latest Ford Racing technology, this modern classic lives up to the magic of the movie “Bullitt” by delivering a new-generation Mustang Bullitt with the perfect […]

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Yay for Civil Disobedience

Newbury Today | Speed camera attacked Wed, October 24 2007 By Petra Cooke, Online reporter A speed camera in Newbury is left with a cracked lens and smoke damage after a suspected attack A SPEED camera on Newbury’s Greenham Road was left with a cracked lens and smoke damage after a suspected attack last week. […]

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I Could’ve Had a V-8

Ford Doctors Diesel Technician Society Our quizzes have proven to be a popular feature on the DTS web site so we thought we would kick it up a few notches! Many companies and trade schools will administer aptitude tests to determine if a particular job or career is suitable for you. Mechanical aptitude tests do […]

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