1974 Plymouth Fury III

1974 Plymouth Fury III
Yes, it rained cocaine in the 1970s

from 1977-78
Car was around ca. 1973-1977

It’s a Fury from after they were cool; before they became cool again.

  • 1974 was the first year for unleaded gas
  • this had a somewhat worthless 400 V-8
    • gas consumption like a 440
    • performance like a 225 slant 6
    • reliability like one of these
  • seat belt interlock – Thank you Richard Nixon.  No starting without your belt clicked.  Three months into the program, it was rescinded, and normality was restored
  • copper with black vinyl roof
Fury instrument panel
Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved.

What sucks about the car? Everything above, plus, i never drove it. So, no playing policeman.

Also, road trips in it.

Dad: *screams irrationally* next time spill your Sprite on yourself, not on my seats.

Guess we know where i get it from…

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