Karma is pleased

10 year contract? What the hell were we thinking?

Notre Dame closing in on worst season ever

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Notre Dame has set a lot of “worst” marks this season. Worst start. Worst home losing streak. Two of the 10 worst losses ever. With three games left, worst season in school history is a real possibility. The Fighting Irish (1-8) already have tied the school record for most losses in a season, matching the 1956 and 1960 squads that both went 2-8. Unless the Irish win their last three games, an argument could be made that this year’s team is worse than either of those two teams. Notre Dame is on pace to give up the most points in school history and to have one of its worst scoring averages. The offense is averaging a record-low 208 yards a game and 56 yards a game rushing. The only reason Notre Dame isn’t 0-9 is because the Irish knocked UCLA quarterback Ben Olson out with a knee injury late in the first quarter. Walk-on freshman redshirt McLeod Bethel-Thompson then threw four interceptions and had a fumble the Irish turned into a touchdown and a 20-6 victory…

Dead man walking, part II

Farewell tour sinks NU to new low – Nebraska plays homecoming sacrifice to Kansas, give up the most points ever. Kansas?

Here is where we need to be scared though.

Michigan wins Big 10. Oregon loses to somebody, but wins Pac 10. No BCS title game for either, so where do they land? Rose Bowl? A rematch. Holy crap I hope THAT doesn’t happen.

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