Mark Dantonio: I am a whiny little bitch

MZone: Spare us the righteous indignation, Mark

So let me see if I get this straight…  Before he even picks out his office furniture upon being named MSU head coach, Mark Dantonio told the world he’d put a “countdown clock” up in the MSU locker room in order to tick off the days until the Michigan game.  Then, when asked about the Wolverines’ loss this year to Appalachian State, Dantonio jokingly asked if he should have a “moment of silence” for the Wolverines.  Most recently, in the days leading up to last Saturday’s M/MSU game, Dantonio asked how long MSU was going to continue to “bow down to Michigan.”  Yet when Michigan rises up to the challenge and beats MSU – after having to listen to all the crap above, suddenly Dantonio can’t take any smack talk directed back at his team.

Good luck in the Motor City Bowl, Sparty.  Make Muddy Waters and the other Sparty “greats” proud by becoming “bowl eligible”  instead of wasting time imitating Denny Green.  We are who you thought we are – your superiors.

P.S.  Scoreboard.

2 thoughts on “Mark Dantonio: I am a whiny little bitch

  1. Given the current state of scUM football, you may be the one who wants to shut your pie-hole. You guys at scUM would take a coach of Dantonio’s caliber in a heartbeat at this point.

  2. scUM? Oooh, imaginative, sparty. Maybe I can do that too!


    Wow. That was fun!

    Way to miss the point.

    PS You are right that our search is a train wreck. Bill Martin is a dink, and we have little experience on the FB coaching carousel. 40 years of success will do that. When we hire Bobby Williams, feel free to come back and talk your shit. Or when you win one from us.

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