US Senate: "Hey look! We have testicles!"

Senate overrides Bush’s water bill veto

What does this mean? It means some aid actually comes to Katrina victims, 2 years later, DESPITE the administration. It means the senate learned that they don’t have to take it in the butt from this president when he stomps his feet whines like a little bitch about “war president” and “9/11.”

Funniest parts of the story:

  • Bush spiked the measure Friday despite its overwhelming bipartisan support, calling it too costly
  • Cost of the War in Iraq


    To see more details, click here.

  • … and complaining that the 900 projects it authorized would overtax the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Gates: Army tours extended by three months
    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Tours of duty for members of the U.S. Army will be extended from 12 months to 15 months effective immediately, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Wednesday.

Too bad the Senate’s stones do not extend to upholding the Constitution or sanity based foreign policy.

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