New 2009 Camaro

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  1. how much did it cost to costumise the camaro like that because i have one
    i have money and i was looking for ideas and i like this one

  2. its not a camaro retards its a Vector WX-8 do ur research stupid

    Reading is fundamental. To wit:

    New 2009 Camaro – Well, that is what it looks like, with a little Fiero and Diablo thrown in for Fuego. No, it’s the Vector WX8.


    >>Well, that is what it looks like, with a little Fiero and Diablo thrown in for Fuego. No, it’s the Vector WX8.

    We stand by our post.

  4. this car is just as gay as the owner i bet u guys are stupid if u like this car its just looks like a lamo but if u want a lamorghini just buy 1 if ur rich

  5. I know the guy who designed this car. I did some work with his company in the early 1990’s. Yes, it is a Vector. And yes it looks like a Camaro with a bad body kit.

    Sorry Gerry.

  6. its lambo stupid

    Lambo stupid? Is that like pinto stupid? If so, you may be right

    If you’re calling it a Lamborghini, you’re not: “No, it’s the Vector WX8.”

  7. b0000000000000000000red

    Get back to woooooooooork.

    your boss at
    Bergenfield School District
    Bergenfield, NJ

  8. Apparently no one here knows how to do research.

    [Almost] no one commenting here, you mean. right? The article itself says “No, it’s the Vector WX8.”

    Also, by design, the aritcle says 2009 Camaro – there is no such creature – the forthcoming car is a 2010.

  9. Today’s winning statement of the obvious goes to Bridgewater College, Bridgewater VA:
    [ 12:45:54 pm 3 4:18]

    i dont give a fuck its a car… who cares if its a lambo, camaro, or a vector. ???

    If I may:
    >>i dont give a fuck
    Evidently, this statement applies in like degree to punctuation and grammar, as well as to cars.

    >>its a car…
    Correct. A grateful nation rejoices, now that the mystery has been solved.

    >>who cares if its a lambo, camaro, or a vector. ???
    A partial list:
    The other commenters
    Jerry Wiegert (of Vector)
    AUDI (who owns Lamborghini)
    The shareholders and creditors of GM (which includes the United States)

  10. Hey Gonzo,

    You’re a bit of a douche. Surely you have something better to do with your time..?

    PS- The car pictured is obviously a 1994 Toyota Corolla with a body kit.

  11. Sorry. “Douche” is incorrect. “Asshole” is the correct answer. Our judges would have also accepted “prick,” “doorknob” or “fuckstain.”

  12. Obviously it’s a 1963 Austin Mini Cooper with a body kit….

    And Dr. Gonzo why do you even waste time replying to these fucktards?

  13. why do they copy toyota be original the front head lights look like a supra’s and the 2009 camero looks like a damn 71 coupe sorry to burst ur bubble and the coupe was copied from a 67 mustang so thank ford for ur ideas

  14. That is the Vector W-x8 this is an old pic they changed the head lights due to the criticism of the car having the toyota supra’s head lights it is a vector-wx8 call it whatever you want i know whats the truth your opnion is just that your own good day

  15. I actually think it’s a poodle – with a body kit!

    …. and the winner of the insults goes to whoever said fuckstain, I’m still laughing at that.

  16. lol this is sooo funny looking at all these stupid comments. this car is and no doubt a 1999 Vector M12 with a customized body kit, so if you don’t belive me…fuck off and have a nice day 😉

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