It’s 1984

One thought on “It’s 1984

  1. Finally, somebody is speaking the truth without holding back on the outrage and frustration that I am been experiencing over the blatant ciminal activity by the Bush & Cheney Crime Family!
    I do know from the responses I get on my blog, The Lang Report, that there are many more real Americans that are ready to “storm the bastille” and oust Bush from the Oval office and kick his butt up and down the rose garden.
    It sickens me when I here our elected officials make excuses as to why it wouldn’t be prudent to impeach right now.
    If this administration has not crossed the line then there is NO LINE! We might as well elect the next president with the longest rap sheet.
    The Founding Fathers of this country gave us “impeachment” for EXACTLY what Bush and Cheney have done and continue to do.
    What is it going to take….a kiddie porn ring in the White House?

    Lastly, I want to thank and applaud the publishers of this site for their unadulterated honesty…keep it up!

    Michael Lang
    The Lang Report

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