Dear Penthouse Forum

I never thought I would be writing to you, but last night…

I had a really good sandwich at Tilted Kilt.  Plus a couple of beverages.  Then I drove my Mustang.  then I watched football. [ ]  This morning, I watched Star Trek (the one with the flying pancakes).

So, Life is good, even if related details are omitted ^^.


6 thoughts on “Dear Penthouse Forum

  1. Hey, that’s funny… that is almost exactly what I did last night, with the exception of the sandwich at the Tilted Kilt. 🙂 But, with addition of necking at a bar, and then incredible nookie resulting in a “wild ride”, a “touchdown”, and being beamed “out of this world” this morning.

    So you are right…Life is good, and getting better every day!

    *let it be noted that there are no intended, implied or indirect correlation of this comment to the above post.

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