Cardinals Suck

2 thoughts on “Cardinals Suck

  1. watchoo talkin about Willis??? Broncos special teams didn’t give away that win, I tooks it from them! I leapfrogged that jive turkey Sauerkrout, who finally wised up and started squib kicking. After the game, he got slapped around in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. The only Broncos were a shit are the ones from Kalamazoo. Did you see that mofo Tony Scheffler catch that pass? WMU rocks, and so do DA BEARS!

  2. Fine, Devin. You singlehandedly won the game. We’re not worthy.

    I have heard of this uptown neighborhood. Hopefully Saurbrun found himself a taxi out of there, with his head still attached. Maybe too, he hooked up with some freak at the game who made him forget his shitty punting with some Stellas and some creative personal interaction.

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