Notes from the weekend

  1. Priuses suck gas like you wouldn’t believe. I had the GF’s car to use for the long weekend. Saturday I fill it up. 8 bars on the gas gauge. 1 80 mile trip to the airport, a 30 mile trip to the kid’s house and a 20 mile trip to the airport later and it is down to 3 bars. WTF? That would be < 1/2 a tank in my car, and it IS a pig.
  2. So long Bill Callahan. Buffs beat down the huskers. “Interim” AD “Dr.” Tom Osborne is so incensed that Callahan lost to a team he refused to concede was even a rival to NU that he fires the dude before Bugs Bunny cartoons even started on Saturday morning.
  3. TiVo. I finally have it, Superstar. No more Cox HD DVR. No more QWEST “Well it takes one box for your regular cable and DSL, and another box for your HD, but we don’t have a DVR and that HD TiVo you bought won’t work with our stuff anyway.”
  4. Thanksgiving = hot wings. Screw Turkey.
  5. Level 47 on Warcraft. This is what geeks do when GFs are out of town.
  6. Had tickets to 49ers @ Cards. I was a no show in favor of setting up TiVo and home networks and all that. So, what do the Cards do because I wasn’t there? Open the roof. Fuckers.
  7. To recap: Buffs rock. Lions, Cards and Broncos can all kiss my ass.

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