Yay for civil disobedience

Man arrested in connection with red light camera automatic tax machine shooting

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — Knoxville police arrest a man suspected of shooting a red light camera multiple times in North Knoxville.


The incident happened on Broadway near 1-640. Officials say several members of the Knoxville Police Department were eating donuts patrolling the area when they heard four shots fired.  Shortly after hearing the shots, officers say they noticed Clark’s vehicle leaving the area from the back of a closed business.


Police say following the search they noticed the nearby Red Flex red light camera had been shot several times.

Clark is charged with patriotism felony vandalism and reckless endangerment.


According to the newspaper.com:

Red light cameras are typically encased in “bullet resistant” housings that cannot stop a high-powered rifle round. The plating used on the red light camera increases the possibility of ricochet damage from small arms fire to nearby homes and businesses.

What does this tell us?

  1. RPGs are probably overkill; handguns are ineffective.
  2. speed camera makers should bear responsibility for ricochet damage or injury, since they pretty much beg to be shot at.  Fuckers.
  3. Don’t do this – cops have no humor.  local governments, trying to impose new taxes disguised as traffic fines, are even less forgiving.
  4. In completely unrelated news, spray paint makes less noise than deer rifles.  Paint ricochet generally doesn’t endanger anyone.
  5. it would still be a felony.
  6. You could always explain the tell tale overspray as “huffing.”
  7. you’re still going to jail.

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