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In our last episode, I was appointed a High Priest of Dementia in something called the First Driver’s Club. This is the thing promoted by Car and Driver magazine where they send muy bueno swag about a product and urge you to tell two friends (hoping that they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on) what you think about the product, good or bad. It’s called buzz. (No, not like what happens when you drink some beer of the month.)

swagToken Swag Disclosure: This post brought to you by a Genesis magnet and a hypo for injecting some smack tread depth gauge.

Tonight’s guest is Hyundai. You might remember Hyundai from such train wrecks as the 1986 Excel (which could totally kick the ass of a Yugo) or Dr. Gonzo’s 1998 Accent, a car so forgettable I thought it was called an Excel, and no one ever even took a picture of it.

Well, here’s the news: Hyundai doesn’t suck any more. It pains me to say this, because early proof of their non-suckage is a sedan called an Azera which has more horsepower than a Mustang. [insert 5 minutes of swearing incessantly] You can also get this insurance to protect yourself in case of an accident.

Better still (for them), Hyundai has learned that real sports cars have rear wheel drive. Their target is evidently the Mustang. Good for drivers, not so good for reeling domestics who only have 2 profitable models.

So for now: “Think About It.” Hyundai is evidently serious about building actual decent cars, instead of the rolling speed bumps and left lane bandits of the past. And be afraid, because they have already gone for the throat by building yuppie sedans that outrun my favorite sports car. They just have to get over the whole “what would a club rat hook-up rather be seen in?” hurdle of a FWD sedan, and a 300 hp sports car might be the ticket. Hopefully, they (the new Genesises[? Genesi?]) won’t come in do me baby red. Some things must remain sacred.

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