Dear Jim Tressel

Dear Jimmy:

Please kick the living s*** out of LSU. We’re tired of hearing how weak the Big 10 is because of your meltdown last year in Glendale. We’re tired of hearing how superior the SEC is, again, because of how you stunk up the joint to end last season. We are actually tired of some of the anti-OSU sentiment about this championship game, at least from the haters whose principal frame of reference is the OSU celebration of impotence in Glendale. (The people who hate OSU because they suck in general are all still fine with us.)

Then there’s that Les Miles thing. He pissed on us in his rush to double his salary. Really, it was all about your OSU boy Herbstreit jumping the gun on reporting that Miles had jumped ship. Yes, a deal was in place, pending an interview. Miles would have taken less money to be our coach, but he had to talk to the AD, and that could not happen until after Saturday’s game. Thanks to OSU, Les won’t be our guy.

Frankly, I think we dodged a bullet – the guy is a tool. Beating his team senseless, (like Florida did to your team last year), would prove we were right to not hire him regardless of him calling it off first. Think of it as a send off to your favorite whipping boy retiring coach.


The Michigan Nation

P.S. Go **** yourself. It’s not like we’re gonna be buddies now, regardless of whether you eke out a victory in the Depends Undergarments BCS Championship or not.

OSU can’t waste chance to regain lost stature

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