Under the knife, part 2.

Ford mustang rear window

Sometimes life does not completely suck. I took my car to Power Ford North Scottsdale, which used to be Ford of North Scottsdale, which used to be Bill Luke Ford and before that Don Seelye Ford. Time for a LOF, plus I had a little wiggle in the steering and my gas gauge was occasionally possessed by the devil. Since I was there, I asked them to take car of the trunk light, which got beat up by stuff in the trunk, a seat latch, which the kiddoes broke, and my power seat trim, which my pantleg ripped from the seat.

Me: did you find the electrical gremlin?
PFNS: You need a new gas tank, dude.
Me: Quality is Job 1.

Yesterday, the bill comes.

  • Busted trim – N/C to replace
  • gas tank- N/C to replace
  • balance and rotate – 70; steering is all better
  • LOF – 30

So, we’re all good. they screwed up my LOF coupon, but otherwise, hassle free and a million times better than Earnhardt’s in every way.

Also, moms is fine. Just a little bloodletting surgery to brighten an otherwise dull week. No worries.

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