Sparkle Buggy Wash classics

Another day, another dude freaking out in the tunnel of love scratched paint and clean whitewalls. Supposedly, it’s over glasses. In my experience, dark, noise, meth withdrawal, DTs or the cocaine OD death of Kevin DuBrow are all just as likely.

HT: Winding Road

In honor of this, the car of the day is the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera:

Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Marge Gunderson is not looking for you, exactly

Why? Because every Sunday in the summer, like clockwork, this late-20s (MILF?) chica would come by for a mid-afternoon vacuum and a wash for her little pink Ciera. She always put on a show at the vacuums, and always managed to miss a few buttons on her blouse than, and when it came time to run the car through the tunnel.

Good times.

Sadly, she only ran her actual car through my actual car wash tunnel and not the (awkward) metaphoric reverse.


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