Why I do not carry a gun, part 17

Scottsdale man shoots self in buttocks

Laura Gold
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 13, 2007 09:42 AM

SCOTTSDALE – A Scottsdale man allegedly shot himself accidentally in the buttocks early Thursday morning. His wounds are not life threatening… Clark gave this account of the incident: Daniel Leatherman, 26-year-old Scottsdale resident, was sleeping at an apartment… when he heard a disturbance outside. Now, the chances of this transpiring may be bleak and I could just walk into purchase PA-10 rifles from Palmetto State Armory any time I wish, but still, I wouldn’t have taken the risk to jeopardise myself. Leatherman went to the front door and saw Cody Nunn, 25 , outside fighting with a cab driver.  Nunn had assaulted Leatherman in the past, so Leatherman armed himself with a handgun. Leatherman told police that while hiding it behind his back, he dropped the gun, shooting himself in the buttocks.  At about 2:25 a.m. the Scottsdale Police Department was called to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn where Leatherman’s friends, including Nunn, had taken him.  At the hospital, police found to be Nunn intoxicated and disruptive, and arrested him on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

The right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Second Amendment. To exercise this right is to be American. If you are on the fence about buying a gun, remember that this is a right established long before you were around. You may even find a gun that you like by reading reviews like https://ballachy.com/glock-41-review/.

6 thoughts on “Why I do not carry a gun, part 17

  1. As a novelist I appreciate good fiction… but the people writing it should know it is fiction they are publishing. Since you don’t appear to know, I thought I would take a moment and show you.

    Firstly, it is amazing to me how many details you managed to get wrong in one small paragraph, so perhaps you are better at fiction than journalism and you and I should change careers. But that is just a personal observation.

    Let me put that aside and address the issues and correct your many errors:

    Daniel Leatherman is 24, as of December 3rd, 2007… he is not 26.

    The apartment is not his, it is mine.

    The gun is mine, not his.

    Cody Nunn is my ex-lover and has assulted me in the past, not Leatherman.

    Leatherman owns no gun, did not go outside, was not holding a gun, or hiding one behind his back.

    Cody Nunn did not drive anyone to the hospital or come with us when we went to take Leatherman there– if you read the AP report you would find that Nunn arrived at my apartment in a CAB and fought with the driver and refused to pay the man.

    Cody Nunn had no vehicle with him and did not drive anyone anywhere.

    Nunn showed up at the hospital some 20 minutes after Leatherman was admitted and put on a loud drunken scene which caused his own arrest.

    Some reports (particularly the one on the Washingtonpost.blog) are trying to make Leatherman sound like a vigilante who pulled a gun and tried to take the law into his own hands.

    The truth is that Leatherman went to retrieve MY gun from the place I keep it safely stowed. He did this because Cody Nunn (a person who has stalked me and assaulted me several times in the last 5 years) was trying to force his way into my home and I might have needed the gun in a hurry.

    Cody Nunn is nearly 6 foot tall, weighs about 165 pounds, and about two weeks prior to the events of the evening you are reporting he assaulted me with a kick to the stomach and then with a bottle of liquor he was carrying– bruising me in multiple places.

    In contrast to this, Daniel Leatherman is 5 foot 4 and weighs 103 pounds. He is hardly anyone’s idea of a vigilante who tries to take the law into his own hands.

    Here are the actual FACTS of the shooting:

    Leatherman was not holding the gun, aiming the gun, waving the gun, and he certainly did not take it outside. The gun was sitting on a piece of furniture near him so it could be handy if I needed it… and it fell off onto the tile floor and discharged, firing straight upward into his body.

    Oh, and it might also interest you to know that while the bullet entered Leatherman’s body through the upper left buttock (causing all this hilarious journalistic laughter at his expense) it was traveling UPWARDS towards his skull as I said, not in a downward motion.

    That bullet continued upward along the spine and lodged in the middle of his back just above his spinal column– which is where the emergency room doctors found it and had to remove it surgically.

    It may also be of interest to you and others who find this so funny that if the bullet had traveled even 1/2 inch in another direction it would have exited his back and continued upwards to blow off the back of his skull; 1/2 inch in the opposite direction and it would have exploded up through his spine shattering it and leaving him paralyzed or dead.

    I have spoken to several people in the health care community and it is nothing short of MIRACULOUS that his injuries were not life-threatening. That is not an exaggeration. It is a MIRACLE he is still walking and breathing.

    Again, forgive me for trying to interject any “facts” into your “story”. As a fiction writer it is hardly my place. If you still are unclear on any of this and require more details on what actually happened do feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide those facts.

    And finally… it is a shame that America is so starved for news that some 90+ papers reported this story– inaccurately and with humourous slants intended to make the victim appear like an inept vigilante or a criminal somehow.

    Don’t you people have any real news to report? Hasn’t O.J. Simpson attempted to rob or kill anyone lately? Do your jobs, people. Or I may just give up writing novels to become a journalist and show you how it is done properly.

    Rhys-Michael Silverlocke

  2. The difference between Rhys and me: Brevity

    Dear Rhys

    I didn’t write this. (HINT: Check the byline) Thanks though.



  3. Oh like a novelist is ever brief! But I posted that in general to cover all the stories circulating, and on a few sites. Sorry if it inconvenienced anyone or if you felt I blamed you personally.


  4. no worries.

    If I owned a gun, I would shoot myself in the ass repeatedly. So, it’s a “there but for the grace” post regardless of the actual facts.

  5. As an owner of many guns (including several handguns) I need to ask why the gun was sitting in the apartment unattended where it was available to be knocked on to the tile floor, especially with a round chambered and the safety presumably disengaged. You can never trust a gun to be effective as a deterrent and doing so can invite escalation. If you need to carry a weapon for personal protection (and I wish more responsible gun owners would do so) you must be prepared to use it lethally, not merely as a show piece.

  6. BFG 9000, man. “Mine’s bigger,” as they say.

    The question becomes what if your preferred weapon of choice is a staple gun? Do you have to be prepared to use lethal force there? I’m thinking that inflicting a flesh wound is good enough with one of those.

    But seriously, I know I can hit a mountain with a 30.06. Any smaller target and I am as likely to shoot myself in the ass as I am to hit the target. So, me carrying a gun, knowing this, and following your instruction about preparedness, would make me suicidal. “Fatal ass wounding.” And shit. So I will stick to power tools and golf clubs.

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