Why I do not carry a gun, part 17

Scottsdale man shoots self in buttocks Laura Gold The Arizona Republic Dec. 13, 2007 09:42 AM SCOTTSDALE – A Scottsdale man allegedly shot himself accidentally in the buttocks early Thursday morning. His wounds are not life threatening… Clark gave this account of the incident: Daniel Leatherman, 26-year-old Scottsdale resident, was sleeping at an apartment… when […]

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Under the knife, part 2.

Sometimes life does not completely suck. I took my car to Power Ford North Scottsdale, which used to be Ford of North Scottsdale, which used to be Bill Luke Ford and before that Don Seelye Ford. Time for a LOF, plus I had a little wiggle in the steering and my gas gauge was occasionally […]

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Dr. Evil and his Henchmen

Where I saw one: Commuting on surface streets, since the highway was chock full of nuts. Nostalgia Factor: -1,000,000/10. Baseline 0, since I never owned one. +1 for being a kick ass evil henchman sedan. -1 for being German, which means a 50% chance of being a giant piece of shit. +1 for this one having […]

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Not me

Crandon man bail set for donut truck theft Mike Miller —  11/29/2007 3:33 pm Cash bail of $2,100 was set today for Warren G. Whitelightning of Crandon, the man who allegedly led police on a high-speed chase through Madison’s west after stealing a Krispy Kreme Donut truck when he was drunk early Saturday morning. He is […]

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