This is a crime?

Man arrested for alleged DUI on golf cart Ben Sandoval The Arizona Republic Jan. 31, 2008 02:50 PM SCOTTSDALE – A 36-year-old California man has been arrested at the FBR Open for driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol, Scottsdale police said Thursday. Police said they saw John Trask driving the cart near […]

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No one I know

Seriously.  I never answer those emails. And, I don’t know any 19 year old Dutch hookers research analysts. 9 January 2008 THE HAGUE – A man and woman were found naked testing 58 erection pills in a car, police in The Hague reported Wednesday. The police happened upon the car with steamed up windows parked […]

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In some countries, folks cheer at the sight of an exotic supercar, while in others they assume the driver is a (expletive deleted). In which camp would you think England falls? We’d have hoped the former, but the crowd has spoken, and they’re saying otherwise. When an evidently obscenely wealthy driver parked his Bugatti Veyron […]

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Michael Mukasey comes snooping

Why is the department of Justice interested in Michael Bidwill? Why is anyone, really? Gene Simmons Ate My Liver By Details > Visit Detail Visit 1,095,509 [<<] [>>] Domain Name ? (U.S. Government) IP Address 149.101.1.# (US Dept of Justice) ISP US Dept of Justice Location Continent :  North America Country : United States […]

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If you can read this, then I am not an unperson.  If you can’t, well…   (my connections to the internets seems to vary with my criticism of the Super Bowl, Mitt “Fudge” Romney and AIMCO.  Or not. It’s muy loco, though)

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Quantum of Solace

IVER HEATH, England (AP) – Bond is back – and he wants revenge. Producers have revealed some of the secrets about the latest James Bond film, due for release later this year, including the inner turmoil that drives its suave superagent hero and its title: “Quantum of Solace.” Dear James Bond: Take two of those […]

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Brother, can you spare $18,500 (x 4)?

Super Bowl XLII [2/3/2008] Tickets at StubHub! Wait. flat screen reality vision Tivo replay stadium replay (intermittent) reserved covered parking nightmarish lot snafus beer and snacks at Fry’s prices refi your condo for a Coors Light souvenir cup virtual reality stereo surround sound actual reality stadium surround sound (with craptacular stadium acoustics) superbowl ads “fans, […]

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