Best Checker Marathon Ever

Better than this?

1967 checker Kalamazoo police
Sgt. Jim Ignatowski

Yes.  See?

tits magee
Don’t you wish your confidential Italian secretary was hot like me? (Jalopnik)

For the Shell executive (or that turkey necked Exxon Bastard) who has everything…

Death Star
polo grounds behind the driver’s seat (

The Phantom Menace

Rolls Royce Valdez Phantom Stretched at Sybarites

…The Mutec Phantom does away with the Phantom’s aligning doors and adds a extra section in the middle but maintains the bloated, garbage scow like pristine lines of the Phantom. The separated passenger compartment fits four people in Rolls Royce’s new individual seats which are fully adjustable. The Mutec Phantom has all the same options as the regular Phantom for the interior and exterior as well as an armored version.

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    1. I did not “steel” them: a) fair use; and b) I am providing the bandwidth, not leeching it.

      Clicking on the top photo takes you to the Jalopnik site where I first saw this car. Clicking on the second picture or that link right below it that says “at Sybarites” takes you to Sybarites. Thanks for playing (Keyon Communications Llc)
      Nevada, Pahrump, United States

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