1985 Dodge Omni

1985 Dodge Omni
Doesn’t GLH: 2.2L of badly running crap

Cracker and pops, switching out the Zephyr for a different piece of shit. Actually, this was a pretty good car, except that it freaked out at highway speeds. Madonna had to come pick me up one sexathon weekend, somewhere north of Ann Arbor, because it just refused to go faster than 55 – as if it had a governor. [ca. February 1985]

1985 Dodge Omni
The car so “nice” we bought one twice

Pops had a 1980 dark green one that succeeded the Monarch.  Orange on the dash and black wall tires and the smell of undercoating were its redeeming qualities.

4 thoughts on “1985 Dodge Omni

  1. Was there ever a Dodge Omni or its Plymouth counter part ever sold or offered in a police package version? I am a police car guy and would truely like to know. I did see police in a big city of yours use marked Omnis back in the eighties. Thanks

  2. Omni/ Horizons may have been rent a cop cars, or municipal fleet cars, but they were never, to my knowledge, used like Diplomats/Furys – not “prowlers” not pursuit cars/interceptors. A light bar would not necessarily make it a police car.

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