Baby Come Back

Dear Roger Goodell:

Please give us the super bowl again.

Ariz. mulls Super Bowl 2012 bid

We love black hawks and no fly zones.

Military intercepts small plane in Super Bowl zone

An innocent mistake caused the military to intercept a small plane flying in a restricted area on Sunday.  A military F-16 from Luke Air Force Base and a Blackhawk helicopter from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement intercepted a Cessna 172 traveling from Tucson’s Ryan Field Airport to Buckeye Municipal Airport, spokesman for the Buckeye Police Department Bob Bushner said. The plane was flying without a flight plan into a restricted area set up for the Super Bowl weekend, he said.

We love presidential level security cordons and Tom Brady motorcades.

We REALLY love how local famewhores Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe cowered under a bridge for the whole week.  Maybe your goon squad could hang out for a while longer, just to keep them in check.

We promise, if you do come back, we’ll open the roof for the game.  (Unless, you know, it rains, or might rain, or there is dust, or it is likely to get dark, or it is a Sunday.)


The Valley of the Sun

P.S. We hate that fucker Eli Manning and his Forrest Gump brother, so if they’re part of the deal, we’re out.

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