Howard Mays is an officious little twit

I voted.  It took 1/2 an hour. 

Why? Because there were 30 people in line ahead of me.

Why?  Because they were waiting  inside, and election official Howard Mays didn’t like that.  So, instead of processing people through as quickly as he could (his job was to write down the names in one book, of the voters who signed their names in another book) he was on the phone bitching to an election official that people were lined up inside.  It was cold, dillweed.  While he was busy whining, the lady who took the signatures had to do two jobs, making the process take twice as long. 

Then, once he got clearance from his masters, he told us to wait outside.  Nobody left. Shut up, Howard.

Back on the phone he went.  “Tell the old lady to make them wait outside.”  She wouldn’t send anyone back out.  Shut up, Howard.

But, later arrivals did have to wait.  Satisfied with his massive flexing, Howard sat down and started doing his job again.

Thanks Howard, you doorknob.

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