State House Transportation Committee Chairman Buffie McFadyen (D-Pueblo West): I am a fucking idiot.

Colorado: Legislators Eye Millions in Speeding Ticket Revenue

Doubled fines and freeway speed cameras could help balance the Colorado state budget because politicians lack the balls to do their jobs.
I like it in the ass.  So will you.

State House Transportation Committee Chairman Buffie McFadyen (D-Pueblo West) introduced the [increased] fine legislation as well as a second measure that would make “work zone” speed traps mandatory. Under the proposal, photo radar would generate automated citations from speeding drivers and a “move over” provision would be used to cite the motorists who are not speeding. McFadyen is using the tragic death of freeway worker Charles Mather to promote the concept of lowering speed limits and doubling fines in anything designated as a work zone up to four hours before any actual road work is done. The mandatory traps would be put in place no matter how minor the work and regardless of whether it involved any potential hazards or not. The law even allows warning signs to be posted on moving vehicles to create a roving zone with the enhanced penalties.

Thanks for not speeding. Here’s your ticket anyway. The workers whose safety we have ensured due to the fact that they are not actually here thank you as well.

Colorado used to be such a nice laid back place. Where the hell is Roddy Piper to put an end to this bullshit?

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  1. They should just cut costs and send a ticket to anyone with a registered vehicle once a month.

    (Official State vehicles excluded of course.)

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