Getting smaller to get bigger

As a football fan. my entire self worth is tied into the success of my chosen team. Thus, my penis feels less adequate, now that I read this:

U-M will drop down to a capacity of 106,201 in 2008 season — below Penn State’s 107,282.

Joe Paterno got his first stiffy of the aughts on hearing this

We’re number 1, fuckers!…Whadda you mean I’m doing it wrong?

I’m Joe Paterno, bitch!

Yet, there is a glimmer of hope.

But that won’t be for long. U-M is in the midst of a $226 million renovation of the stadium that will widen aisles and seats and create a new press box, concourse, luxury boxes and indoor and outdoor club seats. The pricier luxury boxes and club seats will add about 5,000 spots, including about 135 wheelchair-accessible seats.

U-M should reclaim its title in 2010.

“Ultimately, the seating will increase over time and we expect to have the largest capacity of any stadium in the country,” Hage said.

Big House to beef up disabled seating

You @$#^%^&@#$ well better. If Michigan Stadium is not the biggest, I am simply not a man any more.  Oh wait. GF, says this is all irrelevant bullshit.  But it’s football – what does she know?

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