Get a Date, Don’t Be Late

Chicks will totally put out on a mercy date, right?

I’d like to thank the Academy…

  • Tickets to Founders Day Banquet: $20
  • Ride with some goof named Al: Free
  • Getting a semi-hot date you have absolutely no chance of scoring with 40 minutes before the party starts?: $20 (for the tickets, dipshit). You can get shot down for free anytime you want, and pretty much every time you don’t want.
  • Cheesy award from Scott (which you keep for 25 years) because you at least didn’t go stag, thereby beating the over/under : Obviously priceless.

The pic is from a different banquet, although the girl in the red dress could very well have been my pity date from the award. ^^

Ruth, Pickles, Sue Z, Cripley, Leah, Gingerman

Doesn’t this look worth it?


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