1973 Plymouth Fury II

11 thoughts on “1973 Plymouth Fury II

  1. ugly

    Ugly is part of the charm. Ugly is invisible. Anonymous, even. There is no shortage of advantages that come with that.

  2. “ugly”

    Better looking than anything they make nowadays. I rather like the taillights. I’d say it’s just more generic-looking than it is ugly.

  3. This Fury may “look” ugly to some people,BUT, I thought it was a great looking car when I was 10 years old!! I still think it is great looking and am expecting to get one asap! I thought the tail lights looked fabulous along with the grill and that is the biggest reason why I want to get one NOW! Douglas Radowick

  4. I almost bought a new Plymouth Fury back in 73. Loved the look which I thought was great, still do. I’ve just rediscovered the 73 Fury and Now I’m gonna find and
    buy one!

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