Dodge Crew Cab

What the hell was wrong with us in the 70s?

Dodge Crew Cab
Creamsicle or Dorkmobile?
  • Crew cab.  Those were not cool then (like they are now).   It’s an afterthought.
  • Orange over tan, with a white roof?  WTF.  Tri-tones went out in the 50s.
International Harvester Dodge Crew Cab
the cap is still dorky

Ok, maybe it’s white, not tan

  • Dork mirrors?  (Yes, I know these were not invented yet.)
  • That cap.  Jeez.  There are worse.  I always liked the over-cab camper.
  • My Mustang has bigger tires.  And better wheels.
  • No, it ain’t got a hemi.  Not even close.
  • Oh look! An International Havester trucklet!

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