Florida Sucks

Bad news for Florida riders, as of October 1st, anyone caught doing 30 over in that state faces confiscation of their vehicle, five to ten years in prison and a ten-year license suspension. We say ‘anyone’ because bill HB 137, which was originally targeted at motorcyclists, was amended to apply to all vehicles. State Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera introduced the bill to the Florida State Legislature last November after witnessing motorcycle riders wheelying and cutting through traffic on a ride-along with Miami police. The bill has understandably created an uproar in the motorcycle community, but has experienced little opposition from the motorcycle industry and lobby groups.
A lobbyist representing ABATE did express concerns that the bill unfairly targeted motorcyclists, arguing that penalties for motorists who violate motorcycle rider’s right of way, injuring or killing them, are substantially lower.
While the bill was altered to include all vehicles, the anti-motorcycle language remains, specifically that which discusses the revocation of the motorcycle endorsement.

Florida passes “Anti-Biker” bill HB 137 – Hell For Leather

Fortunately, this is just a bill. It is not a ridiculous, draconian, fascist law – YET. However, Carlos Lopez-Cantera is still a fucking idiot.

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