Name the agency

Picture 380

  • Dorky lights
  • benign paint
  • government plates
  • doesn’t say “police”

It’s these guys.

Operational Overview: Our main responsibility is to protect employees, elected officials, customers, visitors and County assets. We are a 24/7 operation employing approximately 100 armed in-house and contract Security Officers.

Electronic Security Protection: Protective Services has a very complex, high-tech alarm monitoring, CCTV and security access control system. We have over 3,260 card readers and 350 cameras strategically placed thoughout [sic.] County-owned and leased facilities. Our systems allow us to make effective use of our Officers and provided a record of events if the need arises.

Security Programs: We protect employees, visitors & County assets at over 45 different locations. This includes permanent site coverage, temporary security requests, executive protection and special events.

Parking Management: Our parking management program consists of 6 parking structures and multiple surface lots. The parking garages are secure facilities with card access, panic alarms and cameras. We park over 6,300 employees, visitors and jurors each day.

Our own secret police.  On the one hand, it’s good to have these people out from under Sheriff Joe.  OTOH, how many flavors of cop does Phoenix need?

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