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Seriously. I never go to Tucson, but RIGHT ON, DUDE!


Tuscon, Arizona Ticket Cameras Tweaked

Tuscon, Arizona vigilante spins a set of red light camera and speed cameras so that they point toward the ground.
Traffic Cameras Targeted logoA set of cameras designed to issue traffic tickets at a Tuscon, Arizona intersection were left photographing the ground over the weekend after being hit by a vigilante. Four traffic cameras had been used to record video of passing vehicles at the intersection of South Wilmot Road and East 22nd Street. The automated system captured multiple images of drivers and license plates so that red light and speeding tickets could be sent through the mail.
It is believed that a large motorcyclist on Saturday climbed up a pole so that he could hang off of each of the four traffic cameras until the “J-bar” holding them in position broke. This allowed the cameras rotate until they pointed directly downward, incapable of issuing citations.

Gravity, a law we can live with.

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