Another one bites the dust

Dear Asshole:

Thanks for all of your help with First Drivers Club.You helped make First Drivers Club special. Unfortunately, all great things have to end sometime, and on May 1 the First Drivers Club will close. Everyone here at HQ really appreciates everything you’ve done to spread the word, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the trip as much as we have.Of course, there are still plenty of ways to have fun.

For instance, soon we’ll launch a new site for the Car and Driver community! Stay tuned because we’ll let you know when it’s ready so you can kick the tires and get behind the wheel.You can also find tons of great content on , including the latest news, expert reviews, in depth features and even great videos of the hottest cars in action.

Thanks for showing us how supportive and influential car enthusiasts can be. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the latest — and best — car content available. See what all the talk is about at .

Enjoy the road,
Your friends at Car and Driver

Dear complete wasters of my time:

It took forever to get my Pennzoil stuff.  The Hyundai swag was crap.  It took forever to get published, and no body saw it anyway, except for what I wrote here.  So, nice try.  Next time, Ferrari thongs (with super model) and Aston Martin fitted luggage (with red Vanquish S) will be appropriate remuneration for pimping more crap for your advertisers.  Thanks for playing.

Dr. G

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