When Car and Driver Didn’t Suck: August 1978

No longer a pintoBest bike ride to the Minute Market ever.  The garish blue cover foretold BIG NEWS.  We had seen hints of “Mustang III,” and had prayed to Henry Ford II that there would be no visual reminder of Mustang II in the name or the car.  The Duece didn’t disappoint – for a 1979 car.

Sadly, the ’80 lost the turbo and the 5.0, and it was not until 1982 that the Mustang began to regrow its balls.

Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri

Dearborn’s performance penance is hereby over


CarAndDriver-August-1978_3 CarAndDriver-August-1978_4 CarAndDriver-August-1978_5 CarAndDriver-August-1978_6 CarAndDriver-August-1978_7

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