When Car and Driver Didn’t Suck – December 1978

Car and Driver December 1978
mmmm… short shorts

mmmm… eye candy

1979 Chevrolet Corvette

Road Test: Chevrolet Corvette

1979 Corvette L-82

Here it is again folks, the new Corvette, back for the eleventh encore of its 1968 act. The well-known routine is still playing to sellout crowds, lined up around the block waiting for the curtain. Look behind the smiling faces in the crowd and you’ll find guys that made it big in the cement business. They’re dumping year-old Grands Prix for Corvettes so they can live out high-school dreams before their hairlines go over the horizon. And women are making up a solid 15 percent share of the audience at last count. Freshly liberated ladies who try the pick-up ritual from the driver’s seat of a Corvette find it not so demeaning after all. Everybody wants to ride in the plastic fantastic, and a growing number don’t seem to care what it costs.

Meanwhile, we’re stuck in the middle at Car and Driver, not quite sure what to make of the hordes outbidding each other for an obsolete sports car. On the one hand, we’d love to be at the head of the line with a fistful of money to spend on America’s one and only two-seater. On the other, we’d feel guilty about casting another vote of approval for the Corvette in its present, out-of-date form. About all we can do is wring our editorials hands in despair, and appeal to all the true friends of the Corvette not to buy, in the hope that GM will get the message and invest in a redesign… (Rest of the Article)

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