Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

INDIANA JONES in four words: only better than “Doom.”  Spoilers follow…

  1. Boo – if the Soviets had already dissected one of the generic aliens, why did they need Indy to help them find the one at Area 51.
  2. Yay – we see where the Ark was hidden
  3. Boo – Ants and monkeys – yawn.  CGI excesses and Tarzan.
  4. Yay – most of the sets were at least partly in the real world and not green screens.
  5. Boo – Shia Labouf
  6. Yay – Karen Allen is back
  7. Boo – Connery killed off
  8. No corresponding Yay
  9. Boo – beyond unrealistic stunts and premises
  10. Yay – Shia Labouf gets bitten by a scorpion.

This could have been a great (second) closer to the series.  Instead, it’s a nostalgia trip with a dorky adventure thrown in.  The best part is where, instead of literally passing the hat to Shia, Indy took it and walked out.  The next best part is the corollary hysteria of the government people.  It’s a comment like Star Wars III had on our present group of pinheads in Washington.

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