1986 Dodge Ram Van

With it’s spaceship-like good looks, and bench seats, this is the perfect van for your clan of homeschooled robot children.  Or jackbooted thugs campaign workers and “government contractors.” – Actual Dodge ad (or not) Why talk about this shitbox?  I saw four – FOUR – of these before lunch today, and the one pictured is […]

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Not Me

Cameras capture driver speeding 22 times in 45 days by Charlie Jannetto – Jun. 24, 2008 04:30 PM The Arizona Republic SCOTTSDALE – Photo enforcement cameras on Scottsdale’s Loop 101 captured a woman speeding 22 times before officers arrested her, state officials said Tuesday. Jennifer Bitton, 24, of Las Vegas, was arrested by Arizona Department […]

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Here we come, walking down the street

get the funniest looks from

everyone we meet

hey hey, we’re

Bush Legacy tour bus
not the Partridge family

the Bush Legacy Tour

What the polls don’t tell us is that in truth, the failures of the last eight years cannot be chalked up to one man – and that means they won’t necessarily be turned around when he leaves office. The war in Iraq, the floundering economy, the tragedy that befell New Orleans, were the failures of conservative ideology. And they were the failures of every one in Congress who cheerleaded for and happily rubber-stamped the President’s conservative agenda.

The purpose of the Bush Legacy Tour is not to gloat about all that has gone wrong over the past eight years, but to ensure that the legacy of President George W. Bush can be used to ensure that the next eight are drastically different.

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Save the Gates of Hell

NY council seeks to shut down the ‘Gates of Hell’ YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) — A suburban city council is taking up a resolution to ban a defunct power plant’s nickname: the Gates of Hell because they are spineless wieners. The Yonkers City Council says… that the abandoned plant should be known … as the Glenwood […]

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Dear Superstar

I had a dream about you last night.  You were there to see me off on some unspecified event.  Dr. Brently was there too.  You were about to do your hair in one of those $300 jobs that are worth every cent.  You hadn’t yet, so I could concentrate on those eyes, those gorgeous eyes. […]

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Another one bites the dust

MZone: And so it ends… MZone, the source of much stolen content (especially photoshops and babes) bites the dust.  Another victim of the black hole of time sucking that websites like this create.  I blame McCain, personally. Godspeed Yost.  No, fuck that.  Get back to work.

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