Cox Communications – we suck, so you don’t have to.

Quoted Install of our transferred service  9.95

Actual price  50

  • the original 10
  • another 20 (10 each) for two cable cards, because “installer” called in a serial number.  We had to call Cox to get the install finished and all our channels activated.
  • another 20 for the internet transfer – because he called in the modem number that Cox already had, and ASKED ME if it was working.

Also, we get cable cards instead of a box to make our Tivo work.  This is $2 each instead of $10 or whatever for a box.  Because they use two cards instead of one, we get to pay for 2 cable services (digital gateways) for one box, so the real charge is $8.

Cox Blows.

One thought on “Coxsuckers

  1. Cox will not let me use my own preferred DNS servers, they seem to block it.. But I found they have alternate “Opt out” DNS servers if you do not want to be redirected to their scummy yahoo marketing page when you type in a broken link.. or bad URL. try:, and .29.13.

    Also, pisses me off severely that the bastards disable volume control and mute button on cable box! At the moment I don’t have any option but to use it (New equipment on order) and the box also default to their on demand service instead of the last channel I used… very annoying that marketing asswipes are in charge of engineering everything these days, not the engineers who would like to make it user friendly!

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