How to tell it’s a dream

If these happen:

  • you are “a bit” over thirty
  • you are in the NFL, or at least with the Cardinals, the next best thing to a real NFL team
  • you are in your present average to athletic shape, but nowhere near the shape of that guy in Invincible
  • you’re with PHid, who is not the biggest fan of football, but lives in football Mecca.
  • You’re both penciled in as right side offensive line men.
  • Before running a play, it’ s lunch.
  • After lunch, you are switched to WR spots.
  • You are a slot receiver
  • You have no idea what a slot receiver is, or where to line up.


  • you’re in bed.
  • So are Bill and Hillary.
  • You don’t know how long you’ve been there, but she’s naked under the covers, and they have obviously enjoyed some monkey love not too long ago.
  • No, it’s not the white house.
  • Yes, you do say something stupid to Bill along the lines of a 10 year old joke.  (Like Letterman, still)
  • Somehow this all ties in to voting in Michigan, Michigan stadium renovations and a synagogue.
  • The synagogue has nothing to do with Moe (the gay Jewish partner) wearing a Public Enemy shirt on casual day.

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