FOAD, Best Buy Geek Squad

FOAD, Best Buy Geek Squad [10:36 PM] Examining network configuration… [10:36 PM] Connecting to Rescue Gateway:… [10:36 PM] Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly. [10:36 PM] Chat session established with Agent Waddle . [10:36 PM] Agent Waddle  says: This session may be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.Thank […]

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Oh happy day

Type: Package Status: Delivered UPS has delivered the shipment. Delivered Delivered On: 08/25/2008 2:40 P.M. Delivered To: PHOENIX,  AZ,  US Signed By: MARK THINKS JOHN McCAIN IS A WIENER Service: GROUND

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1972 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

1972 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Feel the luxury flowing through you

Coupe de Ville, from the French word for bloated tank of lard.  This is the pinnacle of American luxury in the day.  Why?

  • 472 cubic inch V-8 – bigger than your puny Impala’s 350
  • 22 ft long – again, bigger than your puny impala.
  • Power windows, locks, a/c, long before they were common on kias
  • Leather, from actual creatures
  • An arm rest in the back seat.  That is the real kicker.  It’s how my grandparents knew they were in a real luxury car.  Not the other shit – the rear arm rest.

Uncle Bob had a shit brown one, which blended in nicely in dingy, drab Detroit.

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Celebration of Freedom 8/22/08 staged a peaceful demonstration supporting Constitutional rights over revenue producing invasions of privacy known as photo radar. Cops were nearby. The newspaper promised about 15 demonstrators… They were about spot on.  Everyone I talked to was exceedingly polite.   Plenty of Media coverage.

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