Brett Favre Sucks

Brett Favre, Whiner

Would ESPN be tonguebathing him like this if he were Black?  If he were, say, a wide receiver?  I’m just sayin’…

ESPN:  But, but… he’s the greatest quarterback of all time!!!  He is a hall of famer!!!  We like exclamation points!!!

Elway, Unitas, Bradshaw:  1 – only because no one has kicked his ass enough to sit it down.  He’s more like Cal Ripken Jr., succeeding through sheer longevity.

2 – Not yet he isn’t.  Come back in 5 years after his final retirement – the one after the next one – and we’ll see.

3 – you guys are idiots.

4 – He just threw ANOTHER bone-headed interception.

2 thoughts on “Brett Favre Sucks

  1. I realize that Favre has been real questionable this season, but I sure hope he gets to play possibly one more game before riding into the sunset.

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