Sirius sucks

Sirius:  Your subscription is up.

GF:  BFD.  Let it die.


GF:  I want to live again.

Sirius:  FU.  Pay a late fee for not renewing

GF:  WTF? No.

Sirius:  OK.  Give us CC # and we will charge you for a year, starting with last month, when you were canceled.

GF:  WTF? No.

Sirius:  OK.  We will renew in a year, but charge you like you are getting value promised on the website.

GF:  Dumbshits.


Bank account:  Sirius has charged you three times.


Sirius website:  I have the wrong card type

Bank account:  Numbers that begin with a 4 are visas, dumbshits.

Sirius website:  Your card expires last month

Bank:  it was first issued last month, dumbshits.

Sirius website:  Your street address starts with “4”

GF:  I told your outsourced Indian CSR  three times that it started with a “12.”  12 <=> 4.  Dumbshits.  QED.


Me:  Mmmm… time for Lithium – channel 24.

Sirius radio:  Your account has expired.  Please call our toll free number.

Sirius toll free number:  Our CSRs can help you 6 hours from now, EST.

3 thoughts on “Sirius sucks

  1. Well whatever you do – DO NOT sign up for their Lifetime Subscription without reading their fairly well hidden (and never mentioned during the sales process) terms and agreements. This is an out and out fraud on the Sirius consumers.

    It appears that Lifetime does not mean YOUR Lifetime it means the lifetime of your existing receiver. That’s right – get a new car with the radio built in, upgrade to a newer device and you will quickly find out how they have resorted to misleading customers with their Lifetime promotion. So what happens if your device fails after the one year warranty is up? That’s right – you have lost your lifetime subscription.

    PS – the terms and agreements also go on to say “no refunds” on the hefty $500 fee.

    So beware: The promise of Lifetime Service isn’t Sirius!

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