FOAD, Best Buy Geek Squad

FOAD, Best Buy Geek Squad

[10:36 PM] Examining network configuration…
[10:36 PM] Connecting to Rescue Gateway:…
[10:36 PM] Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
[10:36 PM] Chat session established with Agent Waddle .

[10:36 PM] Agent Waddle  says: This session may be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.Thank you for contacting Geek Squad. This is Agent Waddle. How can I help you.
[10:37 PM] Dr.G says: do you guys do aal carte services?  i need to solder a part in a stereo install
[10:37 PM] Dr.G says: a la carte
[10:38 PM] Dr.G says: hello?
[10:38 PM] Dr.G says: Bueller?

[10:39 PM] Agent Waddle  says: I’m glad you contacted us. We can certainly help determine the best service we offer to meet your needs. I need to get a little information from you to determine what service options and pricing we have in your area. Can I have you provide me with your full name, phone number, e-mail, address, and zip code?
[10:39 PM] Dr.G says: are you a real person?

[10:40 PM] Agent Waddle says: yes
[10:41 PM] Dr.G says: why the bio request?  you have my phone  zip is 85012
[10:42 PM] Dr.G says: It’s a yes or no question – can I come into a best buy like at 20th st and camelback and have somebody solder a couple of wires to a voltage regulator

[10:42 PM] Agent Waddle has ended the session.

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